We are excited about the opportunity to build upon the great foundation that previous boards before us have set in place. While athletics is a core component of the GSF Athletic Booster Club mission, our fundamental goal is the unification of learning, athletics, community service, and family. It is these core elements that guide every decision made by your Booster Club Executive Board.

Many life lessons are taught through athletics such as discipline, teamwork, sacrifice, sportsmanship, and dealing with success and failure.  While cultivating our program and developing lasting memories, we, as a board, invite you to participate so that you too will have a direct impact on our school and community through the athletic life of our student athletes. It is with enthusiasm that we welcome your time as a member of the Booster Club and participant as a volunteer in the many activities that we join in. With your assistance, we can work together to create a positive environment and promote a sense of pride in our athletic program.

If you wish to become a member, please always feel free to contact any of us serving on this year’s Booster Club Executive Board.  We are available to answer your questions and listen to your ideas. Members are also encouraged to attend our regularly scheduled meetings held the first Monday of every month in the Community Room of GSF High beginning at 7:00 PM.

Let’s work together and support our school administration, coaches and student athletes to enhance our success in the current school year and to continue to build for the future.


Your GSF Booster Club Executive Board