Athletic Booster Club Athletes of the Year

The Athletic Booster Club Award

            Each year the Green Sea Floyds High School Athletic Booster Club recognizes one senior male and one senior female.  The athletes are nominated by the athlete’s head coach.  The nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • The athlete must have a C average or higher
  • The athlete’s discipline record will be reviewed
  • A good citizen, with good rapport in the community
  • A good attitude with peers and coaches
  • Must be a senior athlete.

The recipients of the awards are chosen by a committee and the awards are presented each May at the Green Sea Floyds High School Awards Program.


Dorsey Strickland 2002 Jessica Willoughby 2002
Matthew Elliott 2003 Landon Bullard 2003
Blake Strong 2004 Whitney Collins 2004
Jeremy Stevens 2005 Brittney Anderson 2005
Austin Fowler 2006 Lacey Fogle 2006
Jason Blanton 2007 Hannah Williams 2007
John Mark Elliott 2008 Lauren Livesay-Hooks 2008
Marcus Curry 2009 Beth Fox 2009
Antonio Dixon 2010 Caitlin Tiller 2010
Derrick McNeil Collier 2011 Morgan Fowler 2011
Daniel Strickland 2012 Savanna Strickland 2012
Josh Collins 2013 Natalie Floyd 2013
Austin Faulk 2014 Nadia Howell 2014
Micah Floyd 2015 Maegan Milligan 2015
Jacob Green 2016 QuaDasia Gillard 2016
Jacob Springs 2017 Salena McCall 2017
 Bryce Ford 2018  Tamara Jackson 2018
 Rashi Brisbon 2019  Morgan Marlowe 2019
2020 2020